jueves, 18 de febrero de 2010

LatinArte meets Las Goyas

Las Goyas Accesoires started as a family business and was founded in Caracas, Venezuela by Marisela Diaz de Goyo, who was inspired by the beauty of the Latin American women. With a strong business background and love for traveling around the world, Marisela Diaz de Goyo acquired the chance to breath and live the richness of different cultures and decided to design fashion accessories as a hobby. Later on, her relatives and friends liked the quality of her work and started to convince her to pursue this new hobby as a new business opportunity.

Las Goyas accesoires is a group of designers and artisans such as Andrea Goyo, Yajaira Nunes, Karina Villamizar, Andreina Rodriguez, Joan Muñoz, Mariela Carbonell, Isabel Lecuna and Marisela Diaz de Goyo. They work together with a common idea of cultural mix, originality and beauty, producing original collections of handcrafted semi-precious jewelry and fashion accessories at the best value.


Malú Goya & Maria Aguilar

For more information go to http://lasgoyas.com/

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