lunes, 26 de abril de 2010

Victor Simon is back with Emsemble Montréal Tango!

From April 23 to June 18, Ensemble Montréal Tango’s Victor Simon will offer two series of four Friday evening workshops on musicality. To kick off the series, Victor and his trio will perform at our which will also feature a demonstration by invited dancer Maral Kojayan.

In the seminars, aimed at dancers and teachers alike, participants will listen to and analyze the various rhythms of Buenos Aires in order to understand the rich structure of this sophisticated and elegant music. Professionals and instructors will finally be able to attach musical terminology to elements they already interpret intuitively in their choreographies. Milongueros will develop a profound sensitivity through the perception of the most important nuances of tango’s sound elements. We will be brought up to date on the music’s colours and flavours as well as all its rhythmic pulsations and its full range of melodies and orchestrations. This seminar will please professionals and non-professionals who strive to enrich their experience and take their dance to another level of musicality.

During the sessions, musical examples will be presented and practical exercises demonstrated.

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